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Retroactive Withdrawal and Academic Restoration for Undergraduate Students


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Retroactive Withdrawal

  1. Does an approved retroactive withdrawal petition lead to the removal of tuition and fee charges? 

    No, the tuition refund appeal is a separate process.

Academic Restoration

  1. What constitutes time away from the University of Minnesota? 

    Students eligible for academic restoration have been away from the University of Minnesota for at least five years. Students who have taken coursework elsewhere may be eligible for academic restoration. A student who has been away from higher education entirely for 5+ years will have the strongest case for academic restoration.

  2. How many courses or terms may be considered for Academic Restoration?

    Up to one academic year (fall, spring, summer).

  3. What does “lacking a viable path” mean?

    Students are unable to complete a degree without retaking significant coursework in a major they no longer wish to pursue.

  4. Why is a 2.5 necessary and is there ever flexibility with the 2.5 minimum GPA requirement?

    The 2.5 minimum is in place to support the student transition to good academic standing. Academic Restoration is a holistic process and a student who completes 12 credits with a GPA between 2.0 and 2.5 will still be reviewed.

  5. Will students who are granted Academic Restoration be eligible for financial aid?

    Federal student financial aid does not provide for or make allowances for academic restoration. Students currently under financial aid suspension will need to follow proper university procedures for appealing this suspension. Academic restoration is independent from financial aid eligibility. Students should work with One Stop Student Services to discuss options.

  6. What if a student would like a grade other than D or F excluded from the GPA?

    Only D or F grades are eligible for academic restoration. N grades do not impact the GPA and are not included in academic restoration.

  7. Will students who are granted Academic Restoration be eligible for a tuition refund for the restored credits? 

    No, students may only submit a Tuition Refund Appeal within one year of the term for which tuition was paid. Academic Restoration will only be awarded for cases outside this date range.

  8. Can a student pursue restoration of credits taken at a prior campus with the goal of completing a degree at another campus? 

    Yes, the student should work with the campus they intend to enroll at to request restoration of prior credit taken on any University of Minnesota campus.

  9. How do students show an intent to pursue a degree? 

    Students show an intent to pursue a degree by communicating to their academic advisor that their reason for returning to campus is to complete a University of Minnesota degree.

  10. Will students pursuing Academic Restoration be placed on academic probation? 

    Students pursuing Academic Restoration are likely to have a cumulative GPA below 2.0 and so will likely be placed on academic probation in accordance with campus policies related to academic probation.