University of Minnesota  Crookston Campus Policy

Use and Parking of Snowmobiles on Campus: Crookston


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Policy Statement

The campus community may park snowmobiles in UMC parking lots and also in a designated area located to the east of the Skyberg service road, near lot D reserved. Snowmobiles can be parked near the tree line and if owners wish to secure them, they may secure them to the large trees. Individuals operating a snowmobile on campus must apply common sense, such as keeping off the lawns and away from buildings and sidewalks.

Individuals violating this policy could result in an individual losing the privilege of operating and parking their snowmobile on campus.

Reason for Policy

Due to the rural environment, the high usage of snowmobiles in the region, the large number of groomed trails and sometimes snowmobiles may be the best mode of transportation in the winter for some individuals, the UMC campus permits snowmobile use on campus along the roads and parking lots where permissible by law.


Primary Contact(s)T. Dale Scully218-281-8505[email protected]
Responsible Individuals
Policy Owner Primary Contact
  • Director of Residential Life and Campus Security
  • T. Dale Scully
    Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs


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Other Information

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Policy History


June 2022 - Contacts updated


March 2016