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Parking on University Property: Crookston


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Policy Statement

All faculty, staff and students (including full and part time) who park motor vehicles on the University of Minnesota Crookston (UMC) campus must display a valid UMC parking permit on their vehicle. Permits (hang-tags) are issued upon payment and must be hung (color-side facing out) on the vehicle rear view mirror support.

Drivers may purchase these permits at the Business Affairs Office located at 121 Selvig Hall. Parking permits are not refundable and are only valid for lots indicated. Drivers must replace any permit that has been lost, stolen, or destroyed at full price.

Reserved Parking

Students, faculty, and staff, may choose to purchase a special reserved parking permit (there are a limited number of reserved parking spaces available.) The reserved permit is an annual permit for a reserved parking space in Lots C, D, E and F. The reserved parking space includes an electrical outlet for cold temperatures. Users are encouraged not to connect their vehicle to the electrical outlets if they know they will not be using their vehicle the following day.

Designated Lots

Motorists must park in their designated lots, as specified on their permit. Those motorists who have Reserved Parking Permits are allowed to park their vehicle in any of UMC’s parking lots (similar to an all-lot-parking permit.)
UMC staff and students may only park in the Northwest Research and Outreach Center (NWROC) parking lots if they have a valid NWROC parking permit.

Only those vehicles with the Reserved Parking Permit will be allowed in the reserved parking spaces. Signage identifies the lots as “reserved - special permit required.”

Snow Removal

Motorists may need to move their vehicles at times for snow removal purposes. Communications will be sent via campus e-mail and voice mail to notify students. If motorists fail to move their vehicles when necessary, the vehicles will be ticketed, towed, and stored at the owner’s expense.

Unauthorized Parking

All lots are monitored randomly on a daily basis by security personnel. Owners are responsible for paying for tickets issued by security personnel, and are to be paid to UMC

Unauthorized vehicles in loading zones, no parking zones, reserved parking spaces, and/or handicapped spaces are subject to be ticketed, booted and/or towed at the owner’s expense. Violators who receive more than two tickets during the academic year will be subject to having their car booted or towed.

  • If a boot is placed on a vehicle, the owner of the vehicle must pay the unpaid tickets, provide proof of purchase of permit and pay an additional $50.00 to remove the boot.
  • If the vehicle is towed, the owner of the vehicle will have to pay the unpaid tickets, provide proof of purchase of permit and pay the towing and storing of the vehicle.

Reporting Accidents

All motor vehicle accidents on campus must be reported immediately to the Crookston Police Department as required by law. Motorists are encouraged to keep their vehicles locked at all times.

Visitor Permits

All visitors may secure a one-day visitor permit from the Business Office or the Office of Residential Life. These permits must be prominently displayed on their rear-view mirror. A visitor permit is not required after 5:00 PM Monday through Friday or on weekends. Visitors may not park in the reserved parking spaces.

Reason for Policy

This policy specifies the parking locations and conditions under which vehicles for visitors, students, and faculty must park.


Subject Contact Phone Fax/Email
Primary Contact(s) Gary Willhite 218-281-8530 218-281-8529
[email protected]
Responsible Individuals
Policy Owner Primary Contact
  • Director of Residential Life and Campus Security
  • Gary Willhite
    Director of Residential Life and Campus Security


Appealing a Ticket Tickets may be appealed in writing by notifying the Security Services Office at 1110 Centennial Hall. For information on parking appeal procedures call Campus Security (218-281-8530) or review them on the web at:

Other Information

Policy History

March 2016