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Campus Notebook Program - Issuance and Return: Crookston


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Policy Statement

New and returning students are issued laptop computers at the beginning of each semester.

Students withdrawing from UMC are expected to return their university owned laptop computer per the procedures below.

Consequences for Failure to Return Laptop Computers

If a student fails to return their University issued laptop computer including power supply and LAN cable, it will be considered unauthorized possession of University property. An initial late fee will be charged, and there will be a weekly charge for up-to six (6) weeks until the equipment is returned. If the computer is not returned by the end of the six (6) weeks, the student’s account will be billed for the fair market value of the laptop computer and any associated late fees. At that point, the student will have purchased the computer from the University and will now be the owner of the computer.

The student is responsible for payment of any charges associated with the computer at the UMC Business Office.

Reason for Policy

This program provides a standard baseline of technology for every degree-seeking student. This tool will help enrich the educational experience while at the University of Minnesota, Crookston.


Subject Contact Phone Fax/Email
Primary Contact(s) Jeff Sperling 218-281-8373 [email protected]
Responsible Individuals
Policy Owner Primary Contact
  • Director - UMC Administration
  • Jeff Sperling
    Director - UMC Administration


Return of laptop computers

Upon withdrawal from UMC:

  1. If a student has a UMC laptop computer and will not be registering for any classes in the consecutive term, that computer must be returned to the UMC Help Desk by 4:30 p.m. on Friday of finals week of the current term. If the computer is not returned by that date, a $50 late fee will automatically be assessed, and a weekly charge of $31.25 will be assessed.
  2. Students who withdraw at any time during a term must return the computer to the UMC Help Desk as a part of completing the withdrawal process. The student’s withdrawal form will not be signed until the computer is checked in.
  3. Students who drop below six (6) on-campus credits during the term must advise the UMC Help Desk of their decision, but will be allowed to keep the computer if they have paid the full technology fee. Fees will be refunded according to the regular fee schedule.

Other Information

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Policy History

November 2009