University of Minnesota  Crookston Campus Policy

Equipment Usage: Crookston

Tricia Sanders
Finance Director - UMC Administration
Effective Date
Last Revised

Policy Statement

Faculty, staff, and students must only use University equipment (non-capital) for University business and activities. Personal use for non-University business or activities or use of non-capital equipment for private gain is prohibited.

Individuals are prohibited from loaning University non-capital equipment to non-University organizations without prior approval. Non-capital equipment or property must not be taken off campus unless it is used for official University business.

Individuals or units wishing to have an exception to this policy must obtain written approval of the Facilities Manager or appropriate department head.

Refer to University Policy: Managing University Capital Equipment for equipment that meets all of the following requirements be considered a capital equipment asset:

  • the cost of the equipment must be $5,000 or greater;
  • the University must have title or ownership rights of the equipment; and
  • the equipment must have a useful life of 1 year or greater.

Reason for Policy

To provide guidelines regarding the use of University non-capital equipment for both University and non-University purposes.


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