University of Minnesota  Crookston Campus Policy

Exclusion from College: Crookston

Jason Tangquist
Registrar, UMC
Effective Date
Last Revised

Policy Statement

Students may be excluded from the college under any of the following conditions.

  1. Suspended for Low Scholarship-A student on academic probation who fails to meet the terms of probation will be suspended. Students in these circumstances may be required to withdraw from the program for one academic term on the first incidence of suspension and one calendar year on the second.
  2. Discontinued-A student who is pursuing a course of study but is handicapped by uncontrollable conditions, such as ill health or necessary outside work, may be required to discontinue registration until these conditions have improved. When discontinuance happens during the term, the courses for which the student is registered may be recorded as canceled without a grade if the condition is verified.
  3. Disciplinary Action-A student may be suspended by the Student Conduct Committee.

Reason for Policy

Identify when a student may be excluded from college.


Policy Contacts
Subject Contact Phone Email
Primary Contact Jason Tangquist, Registrar 218-281-8424 [email protected]

Policy History

May 2013
May 2013

Approved by UMC