Catering on Campus: Crookston

Savala DeVoge
Dean of Student Engagement and Wellness
Effective Date
Last Revised

Policy Statement

The University has granted to Sodexo the right to provide Food Service in the Food Service Outlets and Catering Services at locations designated by the University. Sodexo’s right to provide Food Service on the Crookston Campus is nonexclusive in areas other than the Food Service Outlets. By way of example and without limitation:

  1. Sodexo may be asked but does not have the exclusive right to provide concession services in athletic and performing arts (including films) venues.
  2. Individuals may bring food or beverages onto the campus for personal consumption.
  3. Individuals may order take-out food (e.g., pizza, ethnic foods, training table meals) from a third party and delivered onto the campus.
  4. Student organizations are allowed to conduct bake sales, potlucks, and other food functions.
  5. Sodexo may be asked, but does not have the exclusive right to provide Catering Services for University events held off campus.
  6. The University reserves the right to exclude up to five (5) events a year on the campus from the exclusive rights in the Food Service Outlets. If fewer than five of these exception events are held in a year, the unused exception events may be carried forward from year to year.
  7. The University (or a vending contractor) has the right to sell candy, gum, mints, snacks, soft-drinks, popcorn, and convenience store items (whether food or non-food – e.g., newspapers, pens, etc.) in convenience stores on the campus.
  8. Student groups are allowed to operate a coffee shop and convenience store on the campus.

Units or individuals are required to obtain food permits in advance of an event, if Sodexo is not providing or preparing food for an on-campus catering, potlucks, bake sales or other food events.

Reason for Policy

This policy is needed for contract compliance, as well as ensure safe food service and preparation practices.


Primary Contact(s) Savala DeVoge, Dean of Student Engagement and Wellness   [email protected]

Other Information


Catering Services - the provision of Food Service to any group outside the normal confines of Food Service Outlets

Designated Locations - other areas on the UMC campus where Sodexo has the exclusive right to provide catering services (Bede Ballroom A, B, C, D & E)

Food Service Outlets -  food venues where Sodexo has the exclusive right to serve food (Ma Brown Dining Room, Eagles Nest and Evergreen Grill)

Policy History

October 2009

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