University of Minnesota  Crookston Campus Policy

On-Campus Advertising and Promotion: Crookston


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Policy Statement


University departments, units, offices, centers, programs, and officially recognized student organizations may display posters, flyers, and table tents, and may utilize other advertising and promotions on campus for activities and events that they sponsor. This includes promotion via campus electronic signage, via University e-mail lists, and by the distribution of information to residence hall rooms.

Any and all posters or promotions by businesses, companies, organizations, or individuals must be co-sponsored by one of the above-named on-campus entities.

The sponsoring organization must remove all posters, flyers, table tents and other promotional materials when activities are completed.


All posters must be hung with staples or push pins (thumb tacks should not be used as they can cause flat tires on wheelchairs) on bulletin boards. Posters may be hung on designated display areas with use of poster putty or painter’s masking tape (the blue variety). No other adhesive tapes are allowed. Posters are not allowed on entry doors or any outside areas.

Campus Electronic Signage

Electronic versions of posters and/or sponsored event information can be submitted for publication on the on-campus electronic signage system. Electronic files should be submitted to the administrative assistant/specialist for Student Affairs.

Campus E-mail

E-mail lists of students, faculty, and staff cannot be used for sales or promotions of non-UMC events unless there is a sponsoring or co-sponsoring University department, unit, office, center, program, or officially recognized student organization or unless there is consultation with and approval from either Student Affairs or University Relations.

Residence Halls

All postings, flyers, or door hangers in the residence halls must be approved by the Office of Residential Life. Permission may be requested at the main office in Centennial Hall during normal business hours.

Student Mailboxes

Student mailboxes and campus mail cannot be used for sales or promotions unless approved by the campus postmaster and sponsored by an on-campus organization.

Reason for Policy

This policy was created to help create guidelines for the UMC community to effectively communicate events and activities on the UMC campus.


Primary Contact(s)T. Dale Scully, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs218-281-8505[email protected]
University RelationsBrandy Chaffee218-281-8434[email protected]
Responsible Individuals
Policy Owner Primary Contact
  • Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
  • T. Dale Scully
    Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
  • Brandy Chaffee


There are no procedures supporting this policy.

Other Information

There is no "Other Information" supporting this policy.

Policy History


November 2016 Revised and approved by the UMC Chancellor's Cabinet


November 2011 - Revised by the UMC Executive Committee


November 2011