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Carlson School of Management Bylaws


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  1. A meeting of the School’s regular faculty must be called upon written petition to the Dean by 25 percent or more of the regular faculty’s members.
  2. Except where otherwise noted, Roberts Rules of Order will govern the conduct of faculty meetings.
  3. Degree program administration:
    1. The BSBA and MBA programs shall report to the dean. The dean shall determine the administrative and organizational structure most effective for accomplishing the goals and strategies for these programs in consultation with the Executive Committee and the Faculty Consultative Committee.
    2. Each Graduate School program of the school (but not professional programs like the MBA) is required by University policy to be led by a tenure-track regular faculty member who holds the position of Director of Graduate Studies (DGS). The DGS is appointed by the Dean of the Carlson School after consultation with program faculty in accordance with University policy.
    3. There will be a PhD-BA advisory committee consisting of one member from each of the departments that participate in the PhD-BA program. Department representatives shall be designated by whatever mechanism has been regularly established in each of the departments.
    4. All departmentally focused Masters’ programs (e.g., MAcc, MBT, MAHRIR, Masters in Business Analytics, Masters in Finance, Masters in Supply Chain Management, etc.) and any approved minors report to the Chair of the focal department. The Chair, with advice from the faculty of the focal department shall determine, in consultation with the dean or his/her designee, what an appropriate administrative structure and operational goals should be.
  4. Unit Name and Position Title Changes. In the normal course of the school's business, names of units, degree programs, and position titles mentioned in this document may be changed subject to University policy.  Clerical changes to the constitution to reflect these changes do not require an amending vote by the faculty, but a log of the changes must be appended to the constitution.
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