Policies Under 30 Day Review

There are currently no policies under 30 day review.

Recently Updated Policies

Using Vehicles for University Business

4-29-2015 - Adds language related to unique situations where policy officers with specific assignments may take home vehicles. This addition now aligns policy with practice.

Information Security

4-13-2015 - Comprehensive Review, Major Revision. Title of the policy changed from Securing Private Data, Computers and Other Electronic Devices. The content updated to reflect information security controls and Data Security Classification. Basic and Enhanced Security for Computers and Other Electronic Devices procedure removed.

Internal Access to University Information

March 6, 2015 - Comprehensive Review. Minor Revision. Updated policy statement; revised procedure, definitions and responsibilities; eliminated the Providing Access to University Information procedure; changed ownership of Examples of Public, Private and Confidential Information appendix to Public Access to University Information policy.

Traveling on University Business

March 3, 2015 - Comprehensive Review. Minor Revision. Key policy changes: 1) Lengthens the time for submission of travel reimbursement requests from 30 days to 60 days. 2) Provides more specificity around the unit's option to choose to deny late reimbursement requests, when extenuating circumstances for the delay do not exist. They may also choose to approve the late reimbursement request and report the amount to Payroll as taxable expense. 3) Allows for non-employees attending conferences, etc. as part of a sponsored project or non-sponsored activity, to be paid a stipend for their travel and other related expenses. 4) Recommends less frequent submission of reimbursement requests for miscellaneous out of pocket expenses (e.g., in town mileage to attend business meetings.)


A New and Improved Delegations of Authority System!

The President's delegation of authority system is critical to the University – it helps ensure that all binding agreements are legally accurate and approved by individuals who hold that authority, and it protects the University from intentional and unintentional misuse of authority.

Next to the larger-than-life upgrade of our key enterprise systems, both the improvement and replacement of the delegations system may seem quite small. It is, however, the culmination of over 2 years of work under the direction of the President's Operational Excellence team, and we would like to give you a brief update on our progress.