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Establishing Administrative Policies

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I get an administrative policy started from my office or department?

    The University Policy Program (UPP) is equipped to assist you with any questions you have about the process in general. If you want to know whether a university policy is warranted in a particular situation, you may contact the administrative policy director for assistance.

  2. I am a policy owner but I have very few policies. Is there any writing assistance available?

    Yes, the University Policy Program is available and equipped to provide assistance to policy owners in drafting policy.

  3. What are other alternatives to establishing a formal administrative policy?

    You may choose to have a local policy that directs a small number of individuals, unless the risk is significant enough to have a University-wide policy. Contact the University Policy Program for assistance in reviewing and considering options for your particular situation.

  4. I’m a policy owner. How often should I review my policies?

    Policies must be reviewed comprehensively once every four years. However, there are often minor adjustments that need to be made over time, such as revising the contact section of your policy. We recommend at least an annual review to ensure that the information is still accurate.

  5. I have some minor changes to make to my policy. Will I still need to go through the formal review process?

    No. If the changes are not substantive, then once the University Policy Program has the revised document(s) with track changes on it, the new version could be published in one or two days.

  6. When I have a new or revised policy, who will communicate the changes?

    The UPP will announce the draft policy in the Brief as well as on the policy website and in the Policy Post. Policy owners typically send more targeted announcements to their key groups, but the UPP Director could assist with this communication, upon request.

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