Using and Leasing University Real Estate (Permissible Uses and Scheduling Priority)

Permissible Uses

Academic Scheduling: The use of University property for its academic program, e.g., as classrooms, laboratories, studios, etc., for teaching and instructional programs is given the highest priority (a) for credit (b) other Academic Scheduling.

Non-Academic Scheduling: The use of University property for non-academic events and programs is subject to the following priorities:

  • After the academic program needs are met, the second priority of permissible use of University facilities is assigned to events and programs sponsored or co-sponsored by University colleges, departments, or registered student groups.
  • As a third priority of scheduling, the University (as a public institution with a basic service function) may grant use of its property to non-University entities whose use is consistent with or complements the University’s mission, such as:
    • Other educational institutions
    • Community, state or national organizations with an education-based mission
    • Youth programs and organizations
    • Internship programs
  • As a fourth priority of scheduling, the University may grant use of its property to other non-profit or governmental entities, such as:
    • City, county, state, and federal agencies
    • Non-profit organizations
    • Political organizations
    • Sectarian and/or religious organizations
  • As a fifth priority of scheduling, the University may grant use of its property to non-University entities on a space-available basis for activities such as:
    • Receptions
    • Other organized events, including events which include fundraising, as long as the event includes an educational component

Non-Permissible Uses

The University will not enter into use agreements for the use of its property for events or programs by non-University entities whose primary purpose for the request is:

  1. Revenue generation*
  2. The sale, solicitation or promotion of goods or services
  3. Adult entertainment
  4. Gambling

*Exceptions to the revenue generating restriction include: Northrop Auditorium, Ted Mann Concert Hall, Rarig Center, Student Unions, Weisman Art Museum and Intercollegiate Athletics facilities.

The President and/or the President's designee can grant exceptions.

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