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Use of University Real Estate for Co-Sponsored Events


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Please use the contact section in the governing policy.

Use of University property for events and/or activities co-sponsored by the University, a University unit or by a student organization (through Student Unions and Activities) requires a written co-sponsorship agreement.

The University co-sponsor is ultimately responsible for the event, and sets all pertinent details related to the planning and conduct of a co-sponsored event, such as determining hours and selling tickets, and reserves the right to approve all advertising and news releases.

Process for Use of University Real Estate for Co-Sponsored Event:

  1. Non-University entity contacts the University department to request co-sponsorship of an event or activity. If the co-sponsor is a student organization, the student organization must get approval to co-sponsor from the Student Unions and Activities.
  2. The departmental co-sponsor contacts the Real Estate Office at [email protected] with all pertinent details for the co-sponsored event to confirm co-sponsorship is appropriate. The Real Estate Office then contacts the Office of General Counsel to review contract suggested by the non-University entity or develop a new contract for the co-sponsored event, which will include the appropriate amount of liability insurance as well as other appropriate insurance types and amounts required of the non-University entity as determined by the Office of Risk Management and Insurance.
  3. The University co-sponsor manages the completed contract, obtains evidence of non-University entity's liability and other required insurance coverage.

    MATERIALS: Insurance Certificate From Non-University Entity's Insurance Company
  4. The University co-sponsor coordinates any additional approvals or scheduling which may be necessary, e.g. Environmental Health and Safety must approve the conditions under which food would be served; Office of Classroom Management must be contacted to reserve classroom space.

    If University services are required for parking, audiovisual, etc., the University department co-sponsor arranges for such services or refers the non-University entity to the appropriate University contacts to arrange for the services.

  5. The University co-sponsor oversees the event.