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Distributing Publications

Publications, including posters, flyers, and signs, must be posted in a way that makes them easy to remove and does not cause damage to or deface the surfaces to which they are attached. Materials may not be posted with paste, glue, adhesive backing, or other similar means. The use of staples and tape is permissible, where usage does not cause damage. Violators may be billed for the costs of clean-up or repairs resulting from inappropriate posting or use of adhesives; violators may lose future distribution privileges.

Postings will be limited to one item per event, per kiosk side; violators may lose future distribution privileges.

The distributor of the publications is responsible for the removal of publications. Failure to remove outdated material, determined by the next date of publication or date of event, on a regular basis may result in billing for removal costs and/or loss of distribution privileges.

Distribution by Handout

In University facilities, handout distribution is restricted to foyer and lobby areas as described in the policy. Distributing published materials in stairways, classrooms, offices, hallways, doorways, ramps, elevators, or escalators is prohibited.

Distribution-free zones are established outside University facilities to maintain facility ingress and egress. Material may not be distributed within a 25’ x 20’ envelope immediately outside facility entrances.

Distribution from Bins or Racks

In University facilities, publications may be distributed from bins or racks only in designated areas. Any person wishing to distribute publications in a bin or rack must contact the appropriate office for the campus (see table below). The designated unit will initiate a lease governing the use of the distribution bin/rack and then assign space in the designated areas in the following priority:

  • publications published by or for the University or its programs,
  • publications by a registered student organization, including The Minnesota Daily and The UMD Statesman
  • all other publications on a first-come, first-served basis.
Campus Office Contact Phone Number Email Address
UMC University Relations Andrew Svec 218-281-8483
UMD Student Activities Jennifer Eltink 218-726-6526
UMM Student Activities David Swenson 320-589-6080
UMR Communications Sarah Oslund 507-258-8060
UMTC Real Estate Office   612-626-3445
EXCEPTION: Publications that are for sale.

The distribution of publications that are for sale is governed by Board of Regents Policy: Direct Sales of Goods and Services and Administrative Policy: Selling Goods and Services to External Customers.

Distribution of Information by Posting

Publications may be posted on bulletin boards in University facilities expressly provided for public use. Posting outdoors is limited to kiosks or other areas designated for posting. Kiosks and posting area information is available in the policy appendix section.

Posters, flyers, and signs for outdoor posting will be no larger than 14 inches by 22 inches.

For materials larger than 14 inches by 22 inches, see Procedure: Installing Banners.

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