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Management of End User Device Standard


University computers and devices must be deployed and maintained to a level appropriate for the system, based on the data stored on or accessed through them. Some computers and devices must meet regulations or contractual agreements related to their configuration and management.

Security Controls

Single-user systems (e.g., desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone)

The following table identifies where management of an end-user device is required.

Control Security Level
ID Description High Medium Low
MD.A.01 Managed by an IT Service 1 Required Recommended Optional

1 Service includes University IT or an approved vendor.

Resources Covered

This applies to IT resources owned or contracted by the University. This also applies to personally owned devices accessing, or authorized to store, University data designated as private-highly restricted or private-restricted .

Individuals Covered

This applies to University community members who use or manage University IT resources.

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Published Date

  • November 2014

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