Vacation Donation Program for Civil Service and Union-Represented Staff

  1. Must vacation donations always be in 8-hour increments, even for those individuals earning vacation on a 75% time appointment?

    Yes, all donations must be in 8-hour increments regardless of the appointment percentage of the employee donating vacation time or the worth of donated hours to the recipient.

  2. If more hours are donated than was approved for the recipient, can those hours still be donated for use by that individual?

    No, donated hours will be accepted in 8-hour increments only up to the approved limit. Once the approved limit is reached, any hours donated are returned to the donor’s vacation bank.

  3. Can donated hours be used towards previous weeks that were unpaid?

    Yes, within a reasonable timeframe.

  4. Would donated paid vacation days be approved for use as sick leave for bedrest during pregnancy or for conditions of more common illness?

    No, receipt of donated paid vacation days to use in these types of conditions will not be approved. They are not considered to involve a serious medical hardship or catastrophic illness or injury as defined in this policy.

  5. Can donated vacation time be used as sick leave for purposes of funeral leave for an employee who is dealing with the death of an immediate family member?

    No, donated days may not be used for funeral leave.

  6. Are there tax implications to either the employee donating or receiving paid leave?

    There is no tax impact for employees donating vacation. It is simply a reduction of their vacation available balance. For the employees receiving a donation, normal tax withholding occurs at the time when the recipient actually receives pay from any donated days.

  7. Are P&A employees permitted opportunity to donate paid vacation leave to a civil service or union-represented staff employee in accord with this policy?

    No, P&A employees who are eligible to accrue vacation leave are not permitted to donate any vacation leave for use as sick leave to a civil service or union-represented staff employee. The vacation and medical/sick leave benefits programs for P&A employees differ from the programs of civil service and union-represented staff employees and, as such, the mix of benefits is not appropriate and, therefore, not allowed.

  8. Is it possible for an employee to exhaust their FMLA benefits and then get vacation donation benefits?

    Yes, as long as all other paid leave time available to the employee is exhausted.

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