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Extending the Offer for Academic Hires (Regardless of Recruiting or Appointing Process Used)

Administrative Procedure

After receiving notification of approval to proceed with a new hire, the hiring authority may extend an offer to the candidate. The offer, including any contingencies such as Board of Regents approval, may be made by telephone, but the terms of the offer are to be specified in a letter. Refer to the Human Resource Template Letter Library for the appropriate hire letter checklist or sample letter.

If the appointment is contingent upon completion of the Ph.D., if the start date of the appointment is delayed, or if any other special circumstances are involved, the hiring authority should consult with the unit HR staff and the dean's office before sending out the final letter of offer. When the candidate is prepared to accept the offer, a brief acceptance letter sent or a copy of the offer letter signed by the candidate should be provided to the hiring authority.

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