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Hiring Foreign Nationals

Administrative Procedure

Whenever a foreign national is seriously considered for employment by a department, the department should contact International Student & Scholar Services or the Office of the General Counsel. For contact information, refer to the Additional Contacts section of the Administrative Policy: Recruitment and Selection of Faculty and Academic Professional and Administrative Employees.

When looking to hire foreign nationals into a regular faculty position, they can be placed directly into tenure-track appointments (N type) even though they hold temporary visa types: J-1 student with academic training authorized, H-1B, F-1 with Practical Training authorized, or TN (Canadian Trade Agreement).

Foreign nationals holding non-immigrant visas cannot be placed directly into tenured appointments (P type) as long as they hold any temporary visa status because they cannot legally be considered as a permanent employee. However, once permanent resident status (often referred to as a green card) is received, their appointment can be changed to reflect tenured status (P type), if that is appropriate. The individual will be considered as having their tenure effective on the date the permanent residence status is granted by Immigration and Naturalization Service.

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