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Conducting a National or Limited Search

Administrative Procedure

National Searches

Positions are advertised on the web and in publications with readership nation-wide and broader. The position is open to candidates from within the University of Minnesota (University) or external to the University, both national or international.

Limited Searches

Local or regional area.

Positions advertised within the local or regional area are posted on the web and are to appear in local or regional newspapers and other appropriate limited area venues. While the concentration of advertising is focused locally or regionally, candidates both internal and external to the University and from any location may be considered. A number of academic professional and administrative (P&A) positions are advertised within the local or regional area where sufficient numbers of qualified, diverse applicants are likely to be found.

University community only.

Where there is evidence that a sufficient number of University employees have the education, skills, and experience to perform successfully in a position, hiring authorities may choose to advertise their position within the University community first to see if qualified candidate(s) emerge. Lack of a qualified, diverse applicant pool from within the University or other considerations such as the need for community support, may suggest that a local or regional search may prove to be most appropriate.

Positions with a recruitment scope of "University only" are posted on the web with the statement, "This Position is Open to Current U of M Employees Only" displayed at the top of the posting. As stated, positions designated as such are open only to current University employees. A special accommodation, however, is provided to spouses/partners of newly hired faculty and P&A employees who have moved to Minnesota to accept a position at the University.

Spouses or partners of recently hired faculty and P&A staff, relocating from outside Minnesota, may be considered "Current U of M employees" for University term (contract or temporary) faculty positions or P&A positions. Academic Professional and Administrative positions include those in the three subcategories of academic professional, academic administrative, or professionals-in-training. This special status is held by the spouse/partner for a one-year (12-month) period. This accommodation allows the spouse/partner to be a candidate in internal to the University searches, but would not affect whom the department chose to interview or hire.

The Relocation Assistance Program (RAP) will send to the department of the newly hired faculty or P&A staff member a letter directed to the spouse/partner from the Vice President of Human Resources. The department is expected to inform their new faculty or P&A employee of this search provision and provide the letter for the spouse/partner to include in their application for term (contract or temporary) faculty and P&A positions open only to current U of M employees.

Campus, college, or administrative unit only.

Internal unit or department/division searches may be appropriate under certain circumstances. Things to consider include: Are funds available to support an additional position or is an appointment from within the unit the most advisable staffing strategy? What are the current staff demographics of the employees in the unit: Is it likely that a more qualified and diverse applicant pool may be found by searching beyond the unit? Does the unit have a clear and well-supported staff development strategy that ensures equitable treatment of staff when new career opportunities present themselves?

Positions advertised within the unit only are not posted on the web. Current employees in the unit are informed of the opening by the hiring authority and are given an opportunity to apply.

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