Moving a Civil Service or Union-Represented Staff Appointed Employee into a PandA Appointment

Steps to follow in requesting to move an exempt or non-exempt civil service or union-represented staff appointed employee into a P&A appointment:

  1. The responsible administrator/supervisor completes the form, UM 1753, “Request to Move a Civil Service or Union-Represented Staff Appointed Employee into a P&A Appointment” and submits it with supporting documentation to the department head for review and signature.
  2. The request (UM 1753 and supporting documentation) is next routed to the unit head (dean, vice president, chancellor) or designee.
  3. Once signed at the unit level, the request is then submitted to the Office of Human Resources for review and final approval.
  4. The employee must then sign the request form indicating agreement to the change.
  5. The approved appointment change is then entered into HRMS with the Action/Reason code of: Job Reclassification (JRC)/Lateral (LAT).
  6. This change in appointment is to be communicated to the department.
  7. If applicable, the appropriate union is to be notified of the change.
  8. The original completed form with supporting documentation is to be held in the employee’s department personnel file.
  9. A copy of the form and supporting documentation is also maintained in OHR Compensation.

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