Glossary of Terms
All employees, volunteers, trainees and other persons whose conduct, in the performance of work for the University, is under the direct control of the University, whether or not they are paid by the University.
The actual removal of an amount from the accounts receivable subledger once it has been determined that the customer will not pay an amount owed.
X.500 Directory
The University's central electronic directory, which allows members of the University community to access the University's electronic information, including e-mail, other systems, and certain reports. Every student, faculty member, staff person, and affiliate of the University who is entered into the X.500 directory is given a unique X.500 user name/account called an "Internet ID". The X.500 Directory is the source for the Student-Staff Directory and on-line look up services.
Z Level DeptID
Predetermined grouping of one or more deptIDs that represents a budget level within a RRC whose aggregate total by fund is used as the level at which deficits are monitored by the fiscal monitor and RRC Manager. (See DeptID tree).
Zero Balance Accounts
University established Domestic bank accounts for which the sole purpose is to make subject payments. This payment option is rare and utilized when it has been proven that no other means of payment is feasible.

Glossary of Terms

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