Glossary of Terms
Authorized University Official
For those seeking access to not-public information, or access to centrally-supported systems, it is the person designated by the Dean, Director or Department Head to function in an authorization role for information/data access purposes. In some cases, the employee's Supervisor may function as the designee. In other cases, a Key Contact is named.
Authorized User
Individual or entity permitted to make use of University computer or network resources. Authorized users include students, staff, faculty, alumni, sponsored affiliates, and other individuals who have an association with the University that grants them access to University information technology resources. Some users may be granted additional authorization to access institutional data as authorized by the data owner or custodian.
Authorized Vendor
Non-University individual or company who, through contractual arrangement and appropriate approvals, have access to the University of Minnesota facilities for the purpose of conducting business or rendering services.
Automated Clearing House (ACH)
The electronic payment process used to transfer funds for approved payments for direct deposit to the recipient’s bank account.
Automobile Liability
Insurance that provides coverage for third-party bodily injury or property damage in a claim arising from the ownership or use of vehicles the University owns, leases, hires, rents or borrows.
Available Balance Deficit Report
Provides a list of deficits, prior to encumbrances, at the University fund and "Z" DeptID level as of the period end date specified each time it is run. The available balance calculation excludes accrual-based accounting entries except for Vouchers Payable; thus the balance approximates a cash balance for the fund - "Z" DeptID.
Average Grade
According to the policy on Grading and Transcripts, an average grade (C) represents achievement that meets the course requirements in every aspect.
Baccalaureate Degree
An academic degree conferred by a college or university upon those who complete the undergraduate curriculum. Also called bachelor's degree.
Back-up Agreement
Written agreement between two parties that identifies and specifies the responsibilities of the parties as they relate to continuity and recovery in the event of an operational interruption. If the agreement is with non-University entities, it must be in contractual form. A copy of all Back-up agreements must be included in the Operating Unit's Op Con plan.
Balance Sheet Account
An account in the University's general ledger that records and summarizes financial transactions representing assets and liabilities of the University. Assets represent economic resources that benefit future accounting periods such as accounts receivable and investments, while liabilities represent external obligations of the University, such as bonds and leases payable.

Glossary of Terms

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