Glossary of Terms
Appointment Term
The length of an appointment, in months and specific dates. For a complete listing and definitions of appointment terms, see Appointment Term Definitions (pdf).
Appointment Type
The kind or type of academic appointment. Benefits, rights, and responsibilities vary depending on the type of appointment held by an employee.
A type of revenue. All amounts for current operations made available to the University by legislative acts or the local taxing authority. This does not include government grants and contracts or institutional fees. Examples include Draw requests from state appropriation, Draw requests from Federal appropriation, and Financial Aid Revenue.
Approval Authority
Authority required to determine compliance with policies and procedure, University-wide implications, and to assess major risks. Where required, Signature Authority is invalid without Approval Authority.
Approved Human Embryonic Stem Cell Line
A stem cell line that the federal government has approved for use in federally funded research. The list of cell lines is available at the NIH Stem Cell Registry
Individual assigned by department who is responsible for approving, or returning (denying) transaction. The approver ensures transactions are in compliance with department and University policies and procedures, accurate and properly accounted for.
Approver Role
Individuals who review and approve sponsored and non-sponsored accounting transactions to ensure compliance with University policies and procedures and funding agency restrictions, and who identify problems and ensure resolutions.
Area Report
Report sent to super users by Purchasing Services stating activity with all vendors including business enterprises owned by women, minorities and persons with a disability.
Asset Allocation
A diversification strategy that focuses on balancing investment risk and return through use of various asset classes such as stocks, fixed income, cash, commodities, derivatives etc.
Associated Entity
Any trust, organization, or enterprise over which the covered individual, alone or together with an immediate family member, exercises a controlling interest.

Glossary of Terms

This page allows you to search or browse definitions of terms from the "definitions" sections of Administrative Policies. Please note that when definitions were specific to a particular policy, they were not included.