Glossary of Terms
Alcoholic Beverage Service
Alcohol provided to attendees without monetary charge.
All- University Radiation Protection Committee (AURPC)
The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) licensing regulations require the existence of this committee. It is made up of two sub-committees: the Permit Review Subcommittee and the Human Use Subcommittee.
A disclosure of possible academic misconduct through any means of communication. The disclosure may be by written or oral statement or other communication to an institutional official or through the University's misconduct reporting hotline.
Allegation Assessment
The step in the process where the allegation is assessed to determine whether the policy applies and if it is sufficiently credible and specific to warrant review.
Allocable Costs
Cost of goods or services that are chargeable or assignable to a project or an activity based on the relative benefits received.
Allowable Costs
Costs that are (a) reasonable; (b) allocable to sponsored agreements under the principles and methods outlined in OMB Circular A-21; (c) given consistent treatment through application of those generally accepted accounting principles appropriate to the circumstances; and (d) conform to any limitations or exclusions set forth in OMB Circular A-21 or in the sponsored agreement as to types or amounts of cost items. (OMB Circular A-21, Section C2).

Example: A piece of equipment required to conduct the study is an allowable cost to the project but entertainment costs are not.

Allowance for Uncollectible Accounts
An estimate of amounts that will likely not be collectible, intended to accomplish these two results: a) to charge the loss for accounts that provide to be uncollectible against the period that caused the loss; and b) to show the estimated realizable value of the customers’ accounts.
Annual Base Salary
The fixed compensation paid annually to an employee for performing specific job responsibilities. It does not include variable pay such as bonuses or incentive pay.
Annual Capital Improvement Budget
Part II of the University’s two-part capital program which authorizes individual projects to complete design and move into construction. The Annual Capital Improvement Budget is approved by the Board of Regents each year in June.
Annual Environmental Assessment and Remediation Work Plan
This is an internal list of buildings and properties that will be assessed based on the most recent Six-Year Capital Improvement Plan. Additional properties will be added to the work plan as recommended by DEHS and Capital Planning and Project (CPPM) staffs. These may be properties with known environmental risks or buildings that are expected to be demolished and will require environmental risk abatement prior to demolition. The order of the assessments will be based on the principles for selecting sites for assessment that are described in this procedure.

Glossary of Terms

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