Glossary of Terms

A-base Appointments (A-term Appointments)
Eleven-month appointments paid over 12 months. When A-base appointments are converted to the nine-month academic year, the salary is set at 9/11ths of the A-base.
Academic Administrative Employees
Employees appointed in the 93xx or 9631-9640 classifications established by the Office of Human Resources.
Academic Affiliation

A documented affiliation with another entity, a purpose of which is the sharing of resources, facilities, or educators in furtherance of an educational program. 

Academic Employees
Appointment categories which include Faculty (regular, term and adjunct; probationary and tenure track; temporary and visiting) and Academic Professional and Administrative (P&A) Staff.
Academic Major
A student's main field of specialization during his or her undergraduate or graduate studies. The major is recorded on the student's transcript.
Academic Minor

A student's declared secondary field of study or specialization during the student's undergraduate or graduate studies. A minor typically consists of a set of courses that meet specified guidelines and is designed to allow a sub-major concentration in an academic discipline or in a specific area in or across disciplines. The minor is recorded on the student's transcript.

Academic Professional and Administrative Employee
In the context of this policy, an employee whose primary position at the University is classified within the 93xx, 96xx, or 97xx job code and title series.
Academic Program
Undergraduate, graduate, and professional credit-bearing degrees, majors, minors, free-standing minors, and certificates that may appear on official University transcripts.
Academic Unit
A department or similar unit. A campus, school, college, or division that is not further subdivided is also an academic unit.
Academic Unit Authority

The academic college, department, or committee responsible for determining the minimum standards required to receive credit for a nationally recognized exam.

Glossary of Terms

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