Alphabetical List of Forms and Contracts

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Title Number Form Related Policies
13-Credit Exemption Request OTR158  Form is located outside of forms library OTR158
4-H Equipment Use Agreement OGC-SC649 ogc-sc649.doc
457 Deferred Compensation Plan Retirement Savings Agreement UM 1617 1617.docx
Academic Policy Petition (undergraduate & professional programs) OTR172  Form is located outside of forms library OTR172
Accelerated Clinical Trial Agreement OGC-SC740 ogc-sc740.docx
Accelerated Clinical Trial Agreement - CRO Version OGC-SC742 ogc-sc742.docx
Accelerated Clinical Trial Agreement Annotated OGC-SC741 ogc-sc741.docx
Accelerated Confidential Disclosure Agreement - CRO Version OGC-SC743 ogc-sc743.docx
Access Agreement OGC-SC643 ogc-sc643.docx
Access Agreement - Environmental OGC-SC689 ogc-sc689.docx
Access Request Form AR001  Form is located outside of forms library AR001
Access Request: Change of Employment Status (COES) AR002  Form is located outside of forms library AR002
Accounts Payable and Unrecorded Expenses Reporting Form UM 1590 um_1590.xlsx
Accounts Receivable Payment Transmittal Advice UM1684 um1684.pdf
Accounts Receivable Reporting Form UM 1591 aged_accounts.docx
Active Duty Status Confirmation 2017-2018 FA139  Form is located outside of forms library FA139
Addendum to Exclusive Laboratory License OGC-SC696 ogc-sc696.doc
Addendum to Facility Use Agreement - City of Minneapolis, Licensee OGC-SC633D ogc-sc633d.docx
Addendum to Facility Use Agreement - Federal Agencies OGC-SC633C ogc-sc633c.doc
Addendum to Facility Use Agreement - MnSCU OGC-SC633A ogc-sc633a.docx
Addendum to Facility Use Agreement - State Agencies OGC-SC633B ogc-sc633b.docx
Addendum to Use Agreement - 4-H Events OGC-SC620 ogc-sc620.doc
Additional Teacher's Licensure 2017-18 FA 873  Form is located outside of forms library FA 873
Additional Undergraduate Degree Program Application OTR053  Form is located outside of forms library OTR053
Administrative Policy Communications Plan UM 1774 um1774.docx
Administrative Policy Plan UM 1641 um1641.docx
Administrative Policy: Comprehensive Review or Change Request UM 1648 um1648.docx
Administrative Summary of Performance Appraisals UM 942, GS92177 ba942.pdf, ba942w.docx
Affiliation Agreement - Dental Hygiene OGC-SC228 ogc-sc228.docx
Affiliation Agreement - Genetic Counseling OGC-SC240 ogc-sc240.docx
Affiliation Agreement - Institutional Medical School Residents/Fellows OGC-SC201A ogc-sc201a.docx
Affiliation Agreement - Institutional School of Dentistry Residents/Fellows OGC-SC201B ogc-sc201b.docx
Affiliation Agreement - Institutional Student-Employees Single Program - Non-AHC Programs OGC-SC203P ogc-sc203p_.docx
Affiliation Agreement - Institutional Students Single Program - AHC Programs OGC-SC203A ogc-sc203a.docx
Affiliation Agreement - Institutional Students Single Program -Non- AHC Programs OGC-SC203B ogc-sc203b.docx
Affiliation Agreement - Kinesiology OGC-SC261 ogc-sc261.doc
Affiliation Agreement - Medical Laboratory Sciences OGC-SC239 ogc-sc239.docx
Affiliation Agreement - Minnesota Lions Eye Bank OGC-SC264 ogc-sc264.docx
Affiliation Agreement - Mortuary Science OGC-SC223 ogc-sc223.docx
Affiliation Agreement - Nursing OGC-SC229 ogc-sc229.docx
Affiliation Agreement - Nursing PSA OGC-SC222 ogc-sc222.docx
Affiliation Agreement - Occupational Therapy OGC-SC230 ogc-sc230.docx
Affiliation Agreement - Pharmacy OGC-SC231 ogc-sc231.docx
Affiliation Agreement - Pharmacy Shared Faculty - University Employee OGC-SC202 ogc-sc202.docx
Affiliation Agreement - Physical Therapy OGC-SC232 ogc-sc232.docx
Affiliation Agreement - Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy OGC-SC285 ogc-sc285.docx
Affiliation Agreement - Postgraduate Pharmacy Residency-Affiliate Employee OGC-SC201G ogc-sc201g.docx
Affiliation Agreement - Postgraduate Pharmacy Residency-University Employee OGC-SC201F ogc-sc201f.docx
Affiliation Agreement - RPAP OGC-SC279 ogc-sc279.docx
Affiliation Agreement - School of Social Work OGC-SC274 ogc-sc274.docx