Alphabetical List of Forms and Contracts

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Title Number Format
Job Evaluation Questionnaire (JEQ) UM 802, GS92166 jeqbookp.pdf
Job Evaluation Questionnaire (JEQ) Answer Sheet UM 803 jeq.doc, jeqp.pdf
Job Review Questionnaire (JRQ) UM 1528 jrq.docx, jrqp.pdf
Journal Entry Form UM 1683, JE um1683.xls
Journal Spreadsheet Files UM 1747, JRNL1
Lab Use Agreement - Company OGC-SC104 ogc-sc104.docx
Lab Use Agreement - Company - Instructions OGC-SC104i ogc-sc104i.docx
Lab Use Agreement - Individual OGC-SC103 ogc-sc103.docx
Lab Use Agreement - Individual - Instructions OGC-SC103i ogc-sc103i.docx
Lab Use Agreement - Volunteers and Visitors OGC-SC105 ogc-sc105.doc
Language Department Certification of Foreign Language Proficiency OTR 192  Form is located outside of forms library OTR 192
Late Registration Fee Appeal FA 852  Form is located outside of forms library FA 852
Layoff Severance Program for Civil Service and Union-Represented Staff Members Agreement UM 1824 um1824.docx
Layoff Severance Program Release UM 1826 um1826.docx
Lease - 4-H Building Upon Completion of Pledge Agreement OGC-SC673 ogc-sc673.doc
Lease - 4-H Foodstand OGC-SC671 ogc-sc671.doc
Lease - 4-H Owned Fairgrounds Building OGC-SC668 ogc-sc668.doc
Lease - Faculty Housing - Pillsbury Court OGC-SC610 ogc-sc610.doc
Lease - Farm Letter OGC-SC604 ogc-sc604.doc
Lease.Apartment Letter - U as Tenant OGC-SC600 ogc-sc600.docx
Leave of Absence Reinstatement Request: Graduate Students (Twin Cities, Duluth, Rochester) UM 1759 um1759.docx
Leave of Absence Request - Graduate Students: Twin Cities, Duluth, Rochester UM 1758 um1758.docx
Letter of Certification Request form OTR 196  Form is located outside of forms library OTR 196
Letter of Understanding OGC-SC752 ogc-sc752.docx
License Agreement - TCF Bank Stadium Loge Box OGC-SC691 ogc-sc691.doc
License Agreement - TCF Bank Stadium Suite OGC-SC692 ogc-sc692.doc
License Agreement - Utilities OGC-SC688 ogc-sc688.docx
Loan Information Disclosure FA 848 fa848.pdf
Master's Degree: Program-Wide Exception to the Maximum Time Limit UM 1778 um1778.docx
Master's Degree: Request for Extension to the Maximum Time Limit UM 1779  Form is located outside of forms library UM 1779
Material Transfer Agreement OGC-SC407 ogc-sc407.docx
Material Transfer Agreement Routing Form UM 1868  Form is located outside of forms library UM 1868
May and Summer Sessions/Terms Request for Graduate Assistant Tuition Benefits UM 1654 um1654p.pdf, um1654.docx
Medical Supplement OTR174 otr174.pdf
Memorandum of Agreement OGC-SC908 ogc-sc908.docx
Memorandum of Agreement - Academic and Scholarly Projects OGC-SC908 ogc-sc908.doc
Memorandum of Understanding - Community-Campus Collaboration UM 1821 um1821.docx
Memorandum of Understanding for Patent Reimbursement OGC-SC415 ogc-sc415.docx
Minnesota State Grant Additional Eligibility Review 2017-2018 FA575  Form is located outside of forms library FA575
Minnesota State Grant Questionnaire 2017-2018 FA679  Form is located outside of forms library FA679
Minnesota State Retirement System (MSRS) Employee Information MSRS emp_info.pdf
MN Dept. of Revenue - Certificate of Exemption ST3, BA 1358  Form is located outside of forms library ST3, BA 1358
MN-IP Domestic Research Agreement OGC-SC750 ogc-sc750.docx
MN-IP Master Domestic Research Agreement OGC-SC724 ogc-sc724.docx
MnSCU Facilities Use Agreement - On Campus Only OGC-SC622 ogc-sc622.pdf
Model Inter-Institutional Agreement (2013) OGC-SC499 Protected Contract - Log in to accessOGC-SC499
Model Inter-Institutional Agreement - User Guide (2013) OGC-SC499a Protected Contract - Log in to accessOGC-SC499a
Model STTR Agreement OGC-SC753 ogc-sc753.docx
Morris Campus Change Fund (Cash Box) Request UM 1849 um1849.docx
Moving/Relocation Expense Documentation Form (Use this version for expenses that were incurred in 2017 and are reimbursed prior to February 28, 2018.) BA 1357 movingexpensereimb-2017.docm