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Title Number Governing Policies
Release and Waiver - Artist OGC-SC254
Release and Waiver MELP Programs OGC-SC220
Release and Waiver Short Term - Int'l Student & Scholar Services OGC-SC906
Release and Waiver Short Term Program - GO Minnesota OGC-SC914
Relocation Assistance Program - Request Relocation Packet UM 1874
Report of Effort or Unpaid Activity (Effort Template) UM 1838
Report of Theft or Loss of Controlled Substances DEA 106
Request For Access to Restricted RAR Animal Housing Areas UM 1875
Request for CCE Non-degree Enrollment After Suspension OTR021
Request for Consultant or Outside Service Agreement (ROC) UM 1818
Request for Continuation of Coverage RIO UM 1905
Request for Domestic Lodging Exception UM 1636
Request for Enrollment/Degree Verification OTR 055
Request for Exception to Openness in Research Policy UM 1628
Request for Exception to the Maximum Requirements for Master's and Doctoral Degrees UM 1760
Request for Exception: Admitting Students Who Do Not Hold a U.S. Bachelor's or Comparable Degree UM 1770
Request for Exception: Use of the University's Central Graduate Admission Application System for Admission, Readmission and Changes to Master's or Doctoral Degree Objectives UM 1768
Request for Exclusion of One Service Year for a Member on a Probationary Appointment - Medical Reasons (Duluth Campus Only) UM 1815
Request for Express Readmission: Post-Baccalaureate Certificates, Master's and Doctoral Degree Programs UM 1772
Request for Offer to Buy Used Equipment OGC-SC508
Request for Official Transcript OTR186
Request for Proposal (RFP) Referral UM 1806
Request for Regents' Scholarship UM 1454, GS92353
Request for Reissued W2 UM 1876
Request for Special Examination and Special Examination Instructions OTR154
Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification (Signed, Tax Department) IRS W9
Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification (UM 1679 Supplier W9) IRS W9, UM 1679
Request for Unpaid Discretionary Leave for Faculty and P and A Employees UM 1651
Request for Waiver to Hire a Non-Student UM 1524
Request Foreign Payment - Wire or Draft UM 1732
Request Library Material Non U of M - Interlibrary Loan UM 1877
Request New Location UM 1686
Request of Exclusion of One Service Year for a Member on a Probational Appointment - Parenthood (Duluth Campus Only) UM 1814
Request to Add, Change or Retire an Authority in the President's Delegation of Authority System UM 1817
Request to Appoint Director of Graduate Studies Who is Not a Tenured or Tenure-Track Faculty Member UM 1762
Request to Establish an Investment Account in the Consolidated Endowment Fund (CEF) UM 1831
Request to Move a Civil Service or Union-Represented Staff Appointed Employee into a P & A Appointment UM 1753
Request to Use 9750 University Distingushed Fellow Classification UM 1614
Request to Use the Vacation Donation Program UM 1549
Research Data Ownership Acknowledgment UM 1810
Residency/Fellowship - Faculty/GME Trainee Agreement OGC-SC200FAC
Residency/Fellowship Agreement - Duluth Family Medicine Program OGC-SC200D
Residency/Fellowship Agreement - Methodist Hospital Program OGC-SC200A
Residency/Fellowship Agreement - St. Cloud Hospital Program OGC-SC200B
Residency/Fellowship Agreement - TRIA Sports Medicine OGC-SC200TRIA
Residency/Fellowship Agreement Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship OGC-SC200F
Residency/Fellowship Agreement Instructor/GME Trainee OGC-SC200INSTR
Residency/Fellowship Agreement Military Sponsored Residents/Fellows OGC-SC200M
Residency/Fellowship Agreement Program OGC-SC200
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