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Title Number Governing Policies
Lab Use Agreement - Company - Instructions OGC-SC104i
Lab Use Agreement - Individual OGC-SC103
Lab Use Agreement - Individual - Instructions OGC-SC103i
Lab Use Agreement - Volunteers & Visitors OGC-SC105
Language Department Certification of Foreign Language Proficiency OTR 192
Late Registration Fee Appeal FA 852
Layoff Severance Program for Civil Service and Union-Represented Staff Members Agreement UM 1824
Layoff Severance Program Release UM 1826
Lease - 4-H Building Upon Completion of Pledge Agreement OGC-SC673
Lease - 4-H Foodstand OGC-SC671
Lease - 4-H Owned Fairgrounds Building OGC-SC668
Lease - Faculty Housing - Pillsbury Court OGC-SC610
Lease - Farm Letter OGC-SC604
Lease.Apartment Letter - U as Tenant OGC-SC600
Leave of Absence Reinstatement Request: Graduate Students (Twin Cities, Duluth, Rochester) UM 1759
Leave of Absence Request - Graduate Students: Twin Cities, Duluth, Rochester UM 1758
Letter of Certification Request form OTR 196
Letter of Understanding OGC-SC752
License Agreement - TCF Bank Stadium Loge Box OGC-SC691
License Agreement - TCF Bank Stadium Suite OGC-SC692
License Agreement - Utilities OGC-SC688
Loan Information Disclosure FA 848
Major Event Proposal UM 1900
Master's Degree: Program-Wide Exception to the Maximum Time Limit UM 1778
Master's Degree: Request for Extension to the Maximum Time Limit UM 1779
Material Transfer Agreement OGC-SC407
Material Transfer Agreement OGC-SC711
Material Transfer Agreement Routing Form UM 1868
May and Summer Sessions/Terms Request for Graduate Assistant Tuition Benefits UM 1654
Medical Supplement OTR174
Memorandum of Agreement - Academic and Scholarly Projects -- System Campuses OGC-SC908sc
Memorandum of Agreement - Academic and Scholarly Projects -- Twin Cities OGC-SC908tc
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU): Sharing Private Data with University of Minnesota Faculty and Researchers – Example UM 1893
Memorandum of Understanding - Community-Campus Collaboration UM 1821
Memorandum of Understanding for Patent Reimbursement OGC-SC415
Minnesota State Grant Additional Eligibility Review 2017-2018 FA575
Minnesota State Grant Questionnaire 2017-2018 FA679
Minnesota State Retirement System (MSRS) Employee Information MSRS
MN Dept. of Revenue - Certificate of Exemption ST3, BA 1358
MN-IP Domestic Research Agreement OGC-SC750
MN-IP Master Domestic Research Agreement OGC-SC724
MnSCU Facilities Use Agreement - On Campus Only OGC-SC622
Model Inter-Institutional Agreement (2013) OGC-SC499
Model Inter-Institutional Agreement - User Guide (2013) OGC-SC499a
Model STTR Agreement OGC-SC753
Morris Campus Change Fund (Cash Box) Request UM 1849
Moving/Relocation Expense Documentation Form (Use this version for all moving/relocation expenses incurred in 2018.) BA 1357
Multi-Facility Use Agreement - External Use OGC-SC606
Multi-Facility Use Agreement - Internal Use OGC-SC605
Multi-Facility Use Agreement - Safety of Minors Addendum, CES OGC-SC637B