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Title Number Governing Policies
Student Release & Waiver - Independently Identified Education Abroad Opportunity OGC-SC276
Student Services Fee Assessment Request FA 924
Student-Faculty Exchange Program Agreement-2 Way OGC-SC904
Summer Conference Agreement - UMD OGC-SC679
Summer Housing Agreement - External, Morris OGC-SC628
Summer Housing Agreement - External, Twin Cities OGC-SC614
Summer Housing Agreement - Internal, Morris OGC-SC629
Summer Housing Agreement - Internal, Twin Cities OGC-SC615
Summer Intern Housing Agreement - UMR OGC-SC613
Supplier Authorization Form: Changes to an Existing Supplier UM 1679B
Supplier Authorization Form: New Supplier UM 1679A
Support of Request for Approval to Hire Faculty or P&A Employee Through No Search Process UM 1775
Tax Treaty Affidavit UM 1255, GS92193
Taxable Benefit /Expense Reimbursement Reporting Form UM 1865
TEACH Grant application 2020-2021 FA133
Testing Services Agreement OGC-SC754
The Depot Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel - Catering OGC-SC6001
The Depot Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel - Rooms & Catering OGC-SC6000
Thesis or Dissertation Hold Request OTR 197
Trademark Licensing Agreement - Crookston OGC-SC422
Trademark Licensing Agreement - Duluth OGC-SC421
Trademark Licensing Agreement - Morris OGC-SC423
Trademark Licensing Agreement - Twin Cities OGC-SC420
Transfer Credits Between Graduate and Professional Career Levels OTR 29
Transfer Credits from Undergraduate to Graduate Career OTR 28
Travel Authorization for Students and Non-Employees UM 1649
Travel Card Application UM 1888
Try-Buy License Agreement  Restricted access OGC-SC438
Tuition Refund Appeal OTR241
Tuition Waiver for Blind Students FA 102
Twin Cities Campus Change Fund Request UM 1847
UM IDE Sponsor or Sponsor-Investigator Registration Checklist and Self-Assessment UM 1899
UM IND Sponsor or Sponsor-Investigator Registration Checklist and Self-Assessment UM 1898
UMD Facilities Management Key Shop Department Information Sheet UM 1720
UMD Long Term Summer Housing OGC-SC666
UMD Senior Summer Housing OGC-SC665
UMD Short Term Summer Housing OGC-SC664
UMR Agreement for Summer Housing - Mayo OGC-SC607
UMR Student Summer Housing Agreement - Mayo Students OGC-SC608
UMR Summer Housing Agreement - Individuals OGC-SC609
UMTC Banner Installation Request UM 1567
Undergraduate Leave of Absence: Twin Cities, Rochester OTR007
Uniform Biological Materials Transfer Agreement OGC-SC700
University Library Special Case Use Agreement OGC-SC242
University Library Use Agreement OGC-SC247
Use Agreement - 4-H Owned Fairgrounds Building OGC-SC669
Use Agreement - Earle Brown Heritage Center OGC-SC658
Use Agreement - McNamara Alumni Center OGC-SC639
Use Agreement - Minneapolis Convention Center OGC-SC687
Use Agreement - Saint Paul RiverCentre OGC-SC657