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Paying for the Expenses Incurred

Administrative Procedure

Be sure to use the card to only pay for authorized travel expenses. These are travel expenses including lodging, car rental, ground transportation, meals, miscellaneous travel expenses and airline tickets, that are charged while on University business.

  • Traveler uses the card only for University travel expenses and retains original receipts. (No receipts needed for meals. Federal government per diem rates will be reimbursed.)
  • Traveler submits receipts and trip summary to department Fiscal Officer/Accountant/Financial Officer.
  • Traveler completes the UM1612: Employee Expense worksheet and submits it to be entered into the financial system, using Administrative Procedure: Applying for Employee Travel Expense Reimbursement.
  • The reimbursement is direct deposited or check is sent to traveler.
  • Traveler pays the bill in full.

The issuing financial institution will notify the University of any card holder that is more than 60 days past due.

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