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Applying for the Card

Administrative Procedure

The University Corporate Travel Card application is completed and approved electronically. 

APPLICATION: To access the application, use the link, user name and password provided below.  The application information is entered into a secured website and stored behind firewalls on a protected server.

University Corporate Travel Card application
User Name:          UofM
Password:             Travel

All fields with asterisks (*) are required for the application to be processed.

Dept Card Administrator Name/Email/Phone:  Please supply the name, email address and telephone number for the Department Travel Card Administrator for your unit.  The application will be routed to this person for approval. 

Card Settings:  The default Monthly Credit Limit is $10,000 and default Retail Limit is $2,500.  If you need different limits, please select the appropriate limits.  Retail limits are defined as:

ET000- $0.00
ET050- $50.00
ET250- $250.00
ET500- $500.00
ET1.0- $1000.00
ET2.5- $2500.00
ET5.0- $5000.00

SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL: By submitting the application for approval you are agreeing to the Employer Conditions on the application.   After clicking “Submit” on the application you will receive a confirmation popup box.  All application requests must be confirmed for processing to continue.   Applications not confirmed within 3 business days are automatically declined.

ROUTING FOR APPROVAL: Once you complete and submit your application, it will be sent to your Department Travel Card Administrator for approval.  Once the Department Travel Card Administrator approves your application, it will be sent for final approval to the Program Administrator in Travel Services.  The application is then forwarded to American Express for processing. 

PROCESSING OF APPLICATION: The application will be processed and a new card will be mailed to the address on the online application within 7-10 business days of American Express receiving your application.  Generally there is no charge if the new card can be processed normally. Fees may be charged if the card needs to be "rushed". Contact your Department Travel Card Administrator for more information about fees.

If your application is declined, you will receive an email instructing you to contact the Department Travel Card Administrator or Program Administrator to discuss the business reason for the decline.

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