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Using the University Corporate Travel Card

Responsible University Officer(s):

  • Controller

Policy Owner(s):

  • Director of Purchasing Services
  • Beth Tapp

Date Revised:

Jul 1, 2008

Effective Date:

Mar 1, 1995


The University sponsors a corporate business travel card for employees traveling on University business to pay for travel expenses including airfares, lodging, car rental, other ground transportation, meals, and miscellaneous travel expenses.

Cards are available to any academic or administrative staff who have obtained approval from their Administrative Head. Normally this includes staff who travel frequently or incur substantial local costs. The University Corporate Travel Card is intended for business related purchases only. Purchases must comply with University travel policies and any special requirements of sponsored fund projects. Cash access is not available on the Corporate Travel Card.

The individual to whom the corporate travel card is issued has sole liability for charges made and payment in full is due according to the terms and conditions of the issuing financial institution.

Upon termination of employment, corporate travel card holder must:

  • cut the corporate travel card in half and return to the Department Travel Card Administrator
  • promptly pay any remaining balances.


The Corporate Travel Card provides employees with a convenient method of payment for business expenses and reduces the need for the University to administer a system for travel advances. Reports issued by the card provider enable the University to capture travel information necessary to manage University travel. The card also provides individuals with benefits such as additional vehicle rental,property, and baggage insurance coverages, check-cashing privileges, and emergency assist services.






Primary Contact(s)
Policy and Procedure Questions
Travel Services Coordinator/Contract Administrator
Card Application
See Department Travel Card Administrators for Corporate Card for list of Department Travel Card Administrators


Billing Cycle
The monthly period used by the financial institution to bill and report on travel card activity. Billing date will be the 25th of the month. Payment is due 25 days after billing date. Late payment fee of $10 plus 2.5% of the entire amount past due will be assessed from two or more prior monthly billing cycles.
Corporate Travel Card
A charge card to be used by employees to pay for authorized business travel expenses.
Department Travel Card Administrator
A person who acts as overall coordinator for processing of travel card applications and activity in a vice president unit, academic unit, system campus, or other administrative units.
Financial Institution
The financial institution chosen by the University to provide charge card services required for the program.
University Travel Card Program Administrator
An employee of Purchasing Services who has overall responsibility for the University's Corporate Travel Card Program.


Approve Corporate Travel Card contract.
Dean or Department Head or Designee
Authorize University employees to obtain corporate trvel card.
Department Travel Card Administrator
Process card application. Provide information to employees. Monitor cardholders for department changes and current pay status. Upon termination, gather cards and cancel cardholders account.
Disbursement Services
Process requests for employee reimbursement in three working days of receipt or less. Handle special travel advances.
Issuing Travel Card Financial Institution
Process card applications. Produce the corporate travel cards. Distribute to the individuals. Generate billing. Replace lost/stolen cards. Provide management reports. Comply with contract terms.
Travel Card Program Administrator/Purchasing Services
Administer the program. Provide information to Department Travel Card Administrators. Review management reports. Negotiate corporate card contract.
Complete credit application. Assume responsibility for payments. Ensure business purchases are allowable according to University financial policy, department policy and procedures, and sponsoring agency. Complete requests for bonafide business reimbursements in acceptance with University Policy. Pay Corporate Travel Card bill in a timely manner in accordance with the terms and conditions of the issuing financial institution. Return card when employment terminates. Notify Department Travel Card Administrator of employment changes within University.
University Departments
Authorize card application for academic and administrative staff who travel frequently or incur substantial local costs. Encourage program awareness.



July 2008 - Updated procedures and forms section to reflect use of Enterprise Financial System.
June 2000 - change in card provider, updated policy statement, related information, contacts, definitions, responsibilities, procedures, forms/instructions and appendices
January 1993
Adopted for Policy Book:
March 1995
March 1995
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