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University of Minnisota  Appendix

Related Policies and Procedures for Transaction Justification/Documentation Standards

Appendix to Policy

Cash Advances:

Administrative Policy: Cash Advances

Administrative Procedure: Requesting and Reconciling a Cash Advance

Training Materials:  Create a Cash Advance Job Aid 

Credit Invoices (NS AR):

Administrative Policy: Managing Billings to and Receivables from External Customers

Form: Credit Request Form

Training Materials: Create Bills – Reference Manual

Job Aid: Adjust Entire Bill


Administrative Policy: Selecting Investment Options for University Funds

Administrative Procedures:

Training Materials: Endowments Reference Manual

Entertainment & Hospitality:

Administrative Policy: Hospitality and Other Special Expenses

Administrative Procedure: Documenting Hospitality and Special Expenses

Payment Transaction PO and Non-PO:

Administrative Policy: Accounts Payable: Paying Non- Payroll Expenses

Administrative Procedures:

Training Materials: Supplier Payments

Purchasing from Internal Vendors:

Administrative Policy: Selling Goods and Services to University Departments

Administrative Procedures:

Purchasing from External Vendors - Requisition:

Training Materials: Create Requisitions Manual

Job Aids:

Goods & Services

Administrative Policy: Purchasing Goods and Services

Administrative Procedure: Purchasing Goods and Services

Job Aids: Standard Goods and Services Checklist

Professional Services

Administrative Policy: Purchasing a Professional Service

Administrative Procedures:

Job Aids:

Travel and Employee Reimbursements:

Administrative Policy: Traveling on University Business

Administrative Procedures:

Training Materials: Create Expense Report Manual

Purchasing Card:

Administrative Policy: Using the University Procurement Card

Administrative Procedures:

Training Materials: PCard Reconciliation in Create Expense Reports Manual

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