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Cash Maintenance Requirements for Authorized Change and Misc. Payment Funds

Appendix to Policy

Keep cash in a cash register, or a locked cash box in a secure location (a locked desk drawer is not acceptable).

Do NOT deposit cash in any unofficial, unauthorized, or personal, checking/savings/money market account, Certificate of Deposit, or other form of investment.

Ensure that Change funds and Miscellaneous Payment funds are not commingled.

Ensure that cash is not commingled with non-University cash (e.g., coffee fund, gift fund, departmental party fund).

Ensure that cash requests, cash disbursement, and cash reconciliation are done by separate individuals.

Reconcile cash on any day a transaction occurs, or at least once a week.

Departments with cash, must have a policy and a procedure, specific to their operation, that details the safeguarding, handling, recording, reconciling, and reporting of cash transactions.

Ensure that cash on hand, at the end of each business day, never exceeds the amount of the original request.

In order to replace or replenish cash, departments MUST provide Disbursement Services with proper documentation of all expenditures.

Cash is given to departments not individuals.

Immediately report the theft of any cash to the University police.

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