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Required Confirmations Prior to Payment

Appendix to Policy

Confirm that the individual will receive payment as a human subject rather than as a participant/consultant.

Any University research that uses humans, human tissue, surveys of human subjects, or human subjects' records requires Institutional Review Board (IRB) review and approval, irrespective of its funding source. This policy extends to research in the social and behavioral sciences as well as research in the health and biological sciences. Further information regarding human subjects is available on the IRB website at

  • To confirm that the individual was a human subject, check the project documentation. If it is a sponsored project, there will be a Notice of Grant Award (NOGA) that indicates whether the project has IRB approval.
  • Confirm that IRB approval was current at the time of subject contact.

Principal investigators must renew their IRB approvals annually. If the approval lapses, work with human subjects must stop. Therefore, IRB approval status must be confirmed before the payment is initiated. To confirm IRB approval, ask a certified approver to check the IRB (RSPP) database.

  • If yes, continue to process the payment. Do not write information regarding IRB approval status on the payment form. This information is confidential.
  • If no, consult with the certified approver regarding how to proceed.

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