Standard University Processes and Technology

University Standards

Units are required to use University standard processes and technology when selling goods and services to external customers. The standard processes and technology include but are not limited to: billing, and accepting payment cards,.

ProcessTechnologyRelated PolicyApplicability
Billing customers for goods or services Enterprise Financial System (EFS) Managing Billings to and Receivables from External Customers Applies to all external sales for which the department is issuing a bill/invoice to the external customer.*
Accepting payment cards Depends on type of sale Accepting Revenue Via Payment Cards Applies to all external sales. For best results, discuss options with Accounts Receivable Services.

* A bill in EFS is not required for University-Developed Software Technology and Services if using the click through University Standard Contract (under development) - End User License with payment received via credit card at the same time.  Acceptance of credit card payments must follow the policy Accepting Revenue via Payment Cards.

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