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Relocation Assistance for New Employees

Appendix to Policy

Every year more than 150 - 200 people relocate to Minnesota in order to accept an appointment at the University of Minnesota. The University of Minnesota wishes to ensure that these new employees have access to quality services in the relocation process.

The new employees and their families have a variety of needs relative to their relocation.


New employees who need to move household goods and/or laboratories when accepting a position at the University of Minnesota may use the University's contract moving suppliers.

New employees choosing to use the University-Wide contract(s) will receive a firm discount on actual weight. The pre-move estimate will be as accurate as possible, but the post-move weigh-in will determine the actual cost billed. The option of guaranteed pricing is also available. The discount may be used by the new employee whether or not their move is reimbursable.

Each new employee should be aware of the total amount of reimbursement to which they are entitled for all relocation expenses as this may influence the selection of services from the contract supplier.

To the Department Head

  1. Read Administrative Policy: Relocating New Employees.
  2. Send a letter of authorization to the U-Wide Contract Supplier's contract administrator. All moves must be paid by the new employee.
  3. The new employee must contact the U-Wide Agreement Supplier's contract administrator to arrange services. The contract administrator will work with the affiliated agent to insure that the new employee receives the discount and level of service included in the contract.
  4. The move takes place and the final invoice is submitted to the new employee.

To the New Employee

You are entitled to the University of Minnesota discount whether or not your move is reimbursable. In either case, the letter of authorization should be sent to the U-Wide Agreement Supplier's contract administrator. The contract administrator will contact you to arrange your move through an affiliated agent close to your home. All problems that arise concerning your move must be handled by you and the U-Wide Agreement supplier's contract administrator. The letter of authorization will serve to advise the U-Wide Contract supplier's contract administrator and affiliated agent that you are authorized to use the contract.

See the University-Wide Agreements website for agreement information.

The new employee is responsible for full payment of their moving expenses.

Books should be moved least expensively through the U.S. mail at the book rate or library rate.

Moving companies will not move pets. Separate arrangements must be made for them.

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