Approved by the: University Senate - February 20, 2003
Administration - March 22, 2005
Board of Regents - no action required

Academic Unit Governance

  1. The regular faculty, as defined in the Board of Regents policy on Faculty Tenure, shall hold the primary responsibility for governance in tenure-granting units. This responsibility shall include governance of the unit in research policy, curricular policy and degree requirements, and academic personnel allocation, in consultation with the dean, chair or head of the department.

  2. It is understood that faculty governance is primarily consultative and this policy operates with the limits established by the Board of Regents policy Reservation and Delegation of Authority.

  3. Governance mechanisms that provide for participation by all appropriate groups in the decision-making processes of the unit shall be established, subject to the primary responsibility of the regular faculty within the unit with respect to the matters identified above. It is expected that the regular faculty would exercise this primary responsibility in consultation with the dean separate from the ordinary departmental governance structures only rarely, and as a last resort, if a department is divided over a fundamental issue or unable to reach a decision about the issue through the use of its normal processes.

  4. Only members of the tenured faculty may formally participate/vote in tenure decisions. Only regular faculty members at higher ranks may formally participate/vote in promotion decisions. (Non-regular faculty in the Medical School who hold full time appointments involving teaching, research and service at affiliated hospitals may be permitted to participate in promotion decisions, but not in tenure decisions.) Recommendation by vote of the regular faculty is required prior to hiring regular faculty for that unit.

  5. Individuals in all non-tenured/non-tenure-track appointment classes who regularly fulfill the requirements for regular faculty status are eligible to apply and compete for through a search process appointment as regular faculty members as available and posted at the University of Minnesota.

  6. The Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost in consultation with the deans will ensure that each collegiate unit and department conforms to these requirements. The Senate Committee on Faculty Affairs, in consultation with the Professionals and Administrators Consultative Committee when professional and administrative staff are involved, will review and monitor adherence to this policy, and advise the Senior Vice President and Provost, as necessary.

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