Vacation Donation Program for Civil Service and Union-Represented Staff
Responsible University Officer: Vice President for Human Resources
Policy Owner: Director of Total Compensation
Policy Contact: See Contacts Section


Civil service and union-represented staff employees are permitted to (1) donate available earned paid vacation days up to 40 hours per year to employees approved as a recipient; or (2) request approval to use donated days up to 65 per year as sick leave for a serious medical hardship or catastrophic illness, as defined in this policy.

Use of donated days may be approved when there is evidence of need for additional paid leave time. Consideration is given when one or more of the following medically-related circumstances is determined to exist.
The employee:

  • Is experiencing a medical condition that is life threatening such as cancer;
  • Has undergone major surgery for a health condition;
  • Requires inpatient, hospice, or residential health care; or
  • Is caring for an immediate family member who is experiencing a medical condition that is life threatening or who has undergone major surgery for a health condition, and who is not receiving round-the-clock care by medical professionals.

Denial of a request to use donated days is not subject to grievance or appeal.

Use of donated days is to follow Civil Service Rules or applicable labor contract language regarding sick leave usage, as appropriate to the circumstance.


To be eligible to donate or be the recipient of paid vacation leave days, employees must hold an appointment in the civil service, AFSCME (clerical, technical, or health care) or teamster employee group. Employees must also be eligible to earn and use vacation leave.

To donate earned vacation days, employees must have them available.

To be approved to use donated vacation days, employees must have exhausted all forms of paid leave (e.g., vacation, sick, compensatory time, personal holiday), and have passed their initial probationary period. Also employees cannot: (1) be on a disciplinary suspension, (2) be receiving or have applied to receive worker’s compensation benefits, (3) be covered by an employee’s paid long term disability for the illness or injury, or (4) have previously abused any paid leave.


Employees who are paid from federally sponsored research funds or Internal Sales Organization (ISO) funds may not donate vacation days, but are eligible to receive vacation donations. Costs must be incurred against non-federal accounts. Other non-federal funds may also have similar restrictions. The employee’s department determines if the funding source will allow a donation.

Also excluded from coverage under this policy are faculty, academic professional and administrative employees, professionals-in-training, and graduate assistants.


This policy implements Board of Regents policy: Employee Work-Life and Personal Leaves. The Vacation Donation Program is offered by the University to support eligible civil service and union-represented staff employees who are experiencing serious medical hardship or catastrophic illness or injury, or who are caring for immediate family members with these conditions, and who are experiencing financial need because they have exhausted all paid leave to which they have access.

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Office of Human Resources Call Center


Immediate Family Member
Immediate family member definition as specified in the Civil Service Rules or relevant bargaining unit contract and as applied to use of sick leave by the employee receiving donated vacation days. Refer to Appendix: “Immediate Family” Definitions.
Internal Sales Organization (ISO)
University organizations that sell to other departments and offer goods or services on an on-going basis that are unique, convenient, or not readily available from external sources.
Medical Hardship or Catastrophic Illness or Injury
Situations such as cancer, major surgery, AIDS, a serious accident, heart attack, etc. that pose a threat to life.


Office of Human Resources
  • Informs supervisors and impacted employees of the policy and procedures.
  • Consults with employee and/or employee’s department regarding eligibility to receive donated paid vacation days for use as sick leave.
  • Reviews, approves or denies request, informs affected employee and supervisor, and coordinates donations, as appropriate.
Employee, Immediate Family Member, or Employee’s Department
  • Completes the vacation donation program application form, UM 1589.
  • Secures a vacation donation physician’s statement form, UM 1550.
  • Completes appropriate section of the worksheet form, UM 1548.
Supervisor/Employee’s Department
  • Assists employee as needed.
  • Submits completed UM 1549 and UM 1550 forms to Employee Benefits or UMD designated office as appropriate.
  • Receives forms UM 1548 and UM 1551 from the donor's department; completes recipients portion of form, UM 1548
  • Submits completed forms, UM 1548 and 1551 to Employee Benefits or the designated UMD office, as appropriate.
Donor and Donor Department
  • Completes the vacation contribution form, UM 1551.
  • Completes appropriate section of worksheet form, UM 1548.


March 2011 - Clarified language where needed and added new FAQ and Appendix.
May 2008 - Policy converted to the new University-wide format for administrative policies.
October 1992
October 1992
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March 2011
Date Effective
October 1992