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Security ID Badges

Effective Date: April 2007
Last Update: January 2012
Responsible University Officer:
  • Vice President for University Services
Policy Owner:
  • Vice President for University Services
Policy Contact:

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The Security ID Badge is the standard for visual identification at the University of Minnesota providing a unique identifier that verifies a person’s authorization to be in restricted or non-public University spaces. The University campuses and facilities have public and private communities and assets, thus people should be readily identifiable.

Individuals assigned Security ID Badges must wear the badge, face up, at all times when in high risk areas or mandatory use situations. Individuals not employed or affiliated with the University who require visual identification are issued Guest Badges per the Guest Badge procedure.

Security ID Badges will, at minimum, feature an employee’s legal name as it is documented in the Human Resource system, the employee’s college or unit, department, role (e.g. Douglas Smith, Facilities Management – Faculty/Staff), photograph and expiration date. This information is critical for public safety identification and access verification purposes.

Where required by law, health care credential Security ID Badges will feature the employee’s name and professional suffix as it appears on their health care license (i.e. Minnesota state law requires name and professional suffix).

Departments are responsible for monitoring and addressing non-compliance of the individuals to whom they issue badges. The Department of Central Security program coordinator will conduct periodic reviews to help enforce compliance. The Security ID Badge is not transferable and is valid only for the period specified on the badge. Any misuse, alteration or fabrication of the badge may subject the holder to disciplinary action by the University. The Badge is the property of the University of Minnesota and must be surrendered at termination of employment.

Mandatory Use

Employees and non-employees working in specified non-public or high-risk areas are required to wear the Security ID Badge as visual identification to communicate affiliation and authorization to be in specific University facilities. Individuals included in this requirement are:

  • Service providers entering non-public space (e.g., Facilities Management custodians)
  • Persons working in targeted high-risk areas (e.g., research, laboratory, clinic, administrative/executive offices) as defined by the Office of Risk Management and the Department of Central Security.
  • Persons who must wear identification to meet HIPAA or other legal requirements (e.g., health professionals, those with access to health information).
  • Persons required to wear visual identification as a condition of employment, as stated in writing by the hiring department.

The Department of Central Security has identified and communicated with the departments required to use Security ID Badges per this policy.

Employees in non-public or high-risk areas are encouraged to approach any individual seen accessing restricted work space without a badge and offer to provide assistance. Employees who are not comfortable approaching these suspicious persons should immediately call 911 to report the presence of suspicious individuals to local law enforcement.


The Department of Central Security may consider an exception to this policy when an individual does not have an active record in the Human Resource System or where the unit requires visual identification that features specific information not included in the Security ID Badge template. To obtain an exception, Department Security Coordinators must formally request an exception via email or in writing to the Department of Central Security (DCS). DCS will work in collaboration with the U Card Office.


To implement the commitments of Board of Regents Policy: Health and Safety. The protection of health and safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors is a primary responsibility of the Board of Regents of the University. The Security ID Badge helps to create and promote safe and secure environments by providing visual identification of persons entering restricted University spaces, increasing accountability of visitors to the University and providing a method to call attention to suspicious persons.

Use of the Security ID Badge aids in the protection of: people, work product, infrastructure and physical assets from intention actions of disruption or terrorism; the entire community from any compromise of the select agents entrusted to the University; research from threats of loss or compromise by intention or inadvertent acts of intruders; and the University’s physical assets from potential harm, including theft, damage or other potential risk.




There are no appendices related to this policy.



Primary Contact(s)
Enforcement of Policy and Exceptions
Security ID Badge Program Coordinator
Production, distribution and accounting questions
U Card Office
Policy questions
Paige Rohmann
Technical questions
University Services Office of Information Technology


Authorized Vendor
Non-University individual or company who, through contractual arrangement and appropriate approvals, have access to the University of Minnesota facilities for the purpose of conducting business or rendering services.
Badge Management System
System for managing, tracking and reporting on Security ID Badges and Guest badges.
Badge Recipient
The person who receives a Security ID Badge. This may be an employee, visitor, volunteer, contract staff or observer.
Full-time and part-time employees of the University
  • Wage employees (including adjunct faculty, part-time classified without benefits, post-doc, etc.).
  • Visiting faculty and staff (research assistants, visiting research assistants, visiting scholars).
  • Student Employees (enrolled in a degree or recognized program of study and employed by the University as part of the student status)
Individual not employed or affiliated with the University. May be a visitor, volunteer, contract employee, authorized vendor or observer.
High Risk
Defined by the Office of Risk Management and Insurance as follows: the likelihood to be affected by an occurrence that can impact the institution's ability to fulfill its mission, or a unit's ability to fulfill its objectives in support of the mission.
Persons who have made formal request and received permission to observe medical protocol or operational procedures for education, medical, and other approved purposes.
Risk is measured in terms of consequence and likelihood. Potential risk could involve humans; animals; the University's financial, physical, or information systems, or its reputation.
Short-term guests, vendors (service personnel from off campus) and unexpected walk on persons at a U of M facility.
Persons providing a service to the University of Minnesota, but are not on the payroll.


Authorized Badge Pick Up Person
Designated department contact eligible to pick up printed badges from the U Card office.
Provide education on Security ID policy and program; provide departmental management and oversight of department activities related to the Security ID Badge Program. Identify individual(s) responsible for Security ID and Guest Badge pick up.
Department of Central Security(DCS)
Provide Security ID Badge Program and policy oversight and management to include education; communication; training; approvals of exceptions; audit and compliance oversight and management of the program.
When notified by department Security Coordinator, employee is responsible to go to the UCard Office to have photo taken and have the Security ID Badge printed. The employee must present government issued photo identification to establish or verify identity and receive his/her Security ID Badge. The employee is also responsible for returning his/her badge upon conclusion of employment.
Guest Badge Manager
Responsible for day-to-day departmental operations to ensure authorized departmental visitors and guests meet departmental and program goals related to guest security.
Security Coordinator
Departmental contact responsible for Security ID Badge ordering, receiving, distributing, tracking, and training. Collaborate with the Security ID Badge Program Coordinator to develop forms for use in managing the Security ID Badge process. Collect badges from departmental employees at the conclusion of employment. Enforce compliance and assist with communication efforts to departmental staff regarding Security ID Badges and pending badge requests. May also be the departmental HRMS Key Contact.
Security ID Badge Program Coordinator
Member of the Department of Central Security responsible for ensuring compliance with the Security ID Badge Program directives, delivering program communications, and providing training. Collaborate with the Department Security Coordinator to manage the Security ID Badge process.
U Card Office
Provide centralized production, distribution, and disposal of Security ID Badges for badge recipients or department Security ID Badge Coordinators.



January 2012 - Major Revision, Comprehensive Review: Assigns compliance enforcement to departments for their areas; Provides an exception request process if the badge standard or the badge requirement does not fit an individual situation; Specifies criteria for department where security ID badges are required.
August 2008 - Statement divided into Mandatory and Optional Use sections. Exceptions section in Statement deleted. Clarified language in statement.
July 2007 - Moved "Sample ID Badge Return Status Report from the forms to the Appendices section. Added high risk definition and moved sentences to this definition from the policy statement and risk definition.
April 2007

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