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Reimbursable / Non-reimbursable Travel-related Expenses

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Sponsored Projects: Sponsors may have more restrictive or different policies than stated below. Travelers are responsible for being knowledgeable and compliant with the Sponsor’s requirements.

ExpenseReimbursable (Subject to conditions)Conditions
Air TransportationYes

Traveler should choose the least costly method of transportation that meets the traveler’s scheduling and business needs.

When total one-way air time is 8 hours or more, the traveler may upgrade from coach to the next most economical class of travel over coach (business class in most cases, first class in cases where business class is not offered).

May not pilot their personal or leased aircraft, and may not take a private plane or non-approved air charter unless an exception is given by the Risk Management Office.

Alcoholic BeveragesNoSee Administrative Policy: Hospitality, Alcoholic Beverages and Other Special Expenses for more information.
Baggage FeesYesOnly allowable for first bag of personal belongings. Second bag if required for equipment, University business, etc., as determined by approving authority.
Airline Seat Fee (Preferred Seating, Exit Row or Aisle Seat)YesOnly allowable with valid business reason as determined by approving authority.
Airport Clubs and Lounges Memberships (e.g., Delta Sky Club)YesOnly allowable with valid business reason as determined by approving authority.
Change or Cancellation fees, air, hotel, etc.YesOnly allowable with valid business reason as determined by approving authority.
Check Cashing Charges, ATM fees and Bank fees
No, included in the daily incidental fee related to per diemsN/A
Gas for Commercial Rental VehiclesYesProvided the vehicle rental has been approved.
GPS Rental (Global Positioning System)YesOnly allowable with valid business reason as determined by approving authority.
Gratuities (other than meals)YesShould not exceed 20% of the bill.
Ground TransportationYesMust use the least expensive method of transportation (airport shuttles, taxis, car rental, etc.)

Personal vehicles may not be used for University business, unless approval has been obtained from an appropriate authority.

Hotel "No show" ChargesNoExcept in business situations as determined by approving authority.
  • Baggage handling
  • Gratuities (for meals)
  • ATM fees, Bank fees, Check Cashing Charges

A separate reimbursement is not allowed for these expenses. They are covered within the daily per diem reimbursement.

Full incidentals per day for both domestic and international.

Internet ChargesYesAllowable for business purposes determined by the approving authority.
InoculationsYesIf required for international travel.
Insurance: (Domestic Vehicle Rental)
  • CDW, Collision Damage Waiver
  • LDW, Loss Damage Waiver
Yes (mandatory)Only if renting from a non-contract car rental agency. Full Primary CDW/LDW Coverage is included in the National and Enterprise Car Rental contract.
Insurance: (International Vehicle Rental)
  • CDW, Collision Damage Waiver
  • LDW, Loss Damage Waiver
  • SLI, Supplemental Liability Ins.
  • ELP, Extended Liability Ins.
Yes (mandatory)If renting outside the United States.
Insurance: (Vehicle Rental-Domestic & International)
  • PEC, Personal Effects Coverage
  • PEI, Personal Effects Ins.
  • PEP, Personal Effects Protection
  • PAI, Personal Accident Ins.
  • ALI, Additional Liability Ins.
  • UMP, Uninsured/Under-Insured Motorist Protection

Insurance: Flight or other

                    Trip Insurance




Trip insurance may be allowed for business purposes determined by the approving authority.

Insurance: Travel Health/Security (CISI)Yes 
Laundry/ValetNo, included in the daily incidental fee related to per diemsTravelers may be separately reimbursed for laundry for domestic travel lasting 7 consecutive days or longer.
LodgingYesUp to 150% of the per diem amount used by the GSA  for domestic or U.S. State Department for international. Detailed receipts are required.

Must not exceed the meal per diems published on the GSA website for domestic and U.S, State Department for international, including tax and tip.

First and last days of travel are reimbursed at 75% of the per diem rate.


For travelers who have been authorized to use a personal vehicle for University Business for domestic or international travel.


  • 56 cents per mile - Rate for travel occurring in 2014
  • 56.5 cents per mile - Rate for travel occurring in 2013

The mileage rate includes gas, vehicle maintenance, insurance, and other personal vehicle related costs. Reimbursement (mileage and en-route expenses) must not exceed the lowest cost of comparable coach airfare (e.g. advance booking). 

Travelers should always use the least expensive method of transportation while in travel status (e.g. airport shuttles, taxis).

Movies, in flight/roomNo 
Parking FeesYesReasonable. Parking fees and mileage reimbursement at Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport or off-airport facilities should not exceed the cost of round trip taxi fare from the traveler's home.
PassportsNoExcept if specifically required by approving authority for University business.
Registration FeesYesFor legitimate University purposes
Spousal TravelNoFor allowable acceptable expenses, refer to Administrative Policy:  Hospitality, Alcoholic Beverages, and Other Special Expenses
Student TravelYesThis policy governs Student travel when a student is traveling on behalf of the University for official University business only  Other travel must go through the Office of Student Finance.
Taxi FaresYesReasonable; not to exceed cost of vehicle rental.
Telephone CallsYesFor University business. Other calls at department discretion.
Toll Charges: Bridges, Tunnels, Public RoadsYesWhile on University business.
Travel Agency Service FeesYesFor University business travel.
Travelers Check ChargeYesLimited to checks amounting to the total of any cash advance received.
Vehicle RentalYesWhen absolutely necessary.  Rental and gas charges may be reimbursed, but not mileage.
Vehicle (personal)No

A traveler may not use their personal vehicle for University business, unless they have obtained preapproval from their supervisor or manager. Even if approved, personal vehicles are NOT covered by University insurance.  The traveler is responsible to insure a personal vehicle used for University business. 

Travelers may be reimbursed mileage for domestic or international travel.

Visas for Foreign TravelYesWhile on University business.

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